Thursday, November 27, 2008

Constructive boredom?

I haven't done something like this since I had a film camera. Making multiple exposure on film was rather hard for me since I couldn't "chimp" image previews like I can now. And actually this really isn't a multiple exposure - more like multiple layers blended together in God-blessed Photoshop.

It isn't hard to do. Thinking about the scenario I wanted was more intensive. Basically, you shoot the shots you want, keep a consistent background and shoot away each frame. Next, open them in Photoshop and then drag one image over another and then use the erase tool. It's really cool seeing the image underneath appear before your screen. Kinda reminds me of printing black and white and watching the image come up in the developer. OOOOhhh.

I had time off. I was bored. And I was curious about this technique. So I decided to give it a try. I had fun with it and I learned something new.

I don't think I can really apply this for work. Maybe an illustration? Who knows?

About the scene: A low-wage worker (me) gets punished by the big boss (me) for not making his popcorn-selling quota and pays the price. The big boss (me) gets his photographer (me) to shoot a picture to show other lowly low-wage workers (me) the consequences of poor performance just as another low-wage worker (another me) walks in to witness the horrific act. Good stuff, good stuff. Excuse me, I have to take a call... Scorcese is calling me about a script.


Billy Calzada said...

Kin Man,

Thanks for sharing such fun!

PeakAction said...

omg that's hilarious, man. The Kin Man at the door really makes the shot. ;-)