Sunday, March 21, 2010

Latest iPhone Adventures

So I haven't updated here in a bit. My apologies. However, that doesn't mean I haven't been making pictures.

I'm really starting to feel more confident and comfortable in using my iPhone as my creative visual medium of choice. With using the camera and a couple of apps: Photogene and Photoshop Mobile, I've been having a blast capturing and creating images. So without further ado... Would love any questions or comments...

Mossball in the yard.

Pigeons take flight in downtown S.A.

Ladybug lands on car.

Colorful cacti.

Railroad crossing stop.

Children on cattle near Hue, Vietnam.

Funeral procession in Hue, Vietnam.

Caramel apples. Yum!!!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I bought hipstamatic (sp?) recently and really like it. It's that holga-esque, vintage look but used sparingly I think it can be really cool. Try it!

Kin Man Hui said...

Thanks DC! I'll check it out! Do you have some images posted? Would love to see 'em. :-)