Monday, November 2, 2009

iPhone iNspires

Having an iPhone for the past few weeks has opened my eyes once again to photography. It's easy to get lost in the technology of this ingenious device. But in a strange way the lack of sophistication of the iPhone's camera compared to what I typically use for work has re-inspired me.

I believe this is very similar to how some photograpers use Holgas or Lomos to break away from their conventional way of seeing things. This is what the iPhone camera is doing for me.

I plan on posting my iPhone-created pictures from time to time.

This is my latest, favorite image that I made on a wonderful Sunday afternoon drive. Enjoy.

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PeakAction said...

That's exactly how I think of my iPhone; my little digital Lomo.

At the moment, I'm actually rendering a little music video/interview that I shot earlier tonight at Gig on N. St. Mary's, using my iPhone 3Gs and a little Sony Webby video cam. Low-Budget all the way!